COP 26: Extinction Rebellion stage ‘die in’ outside JP Morgan in Glasgow

Doctors for Extinction Rebellion staged a ‘die in’ outside JP Morgan on Waterloo Street, Glasgow this morning.

Protesters held banners that read ‘Cause of Death: Fossil Fuel Finance’ and ‘JP Morgan: World’s leading investor in fossil fuels’.

As part of a protest, they read out a letter to CEO Jamie Dimon calling for JP Morgan Chase to refuse finance to companies who continue to plan new fossil fuel projects

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It was the sixth time the group have protested at JP Morgan in the past 2 months, and the 4th time that protests have occurred outside JP Morgan in Scotland since the start of COP26.

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Police warn of ‘robust’ action against any violent disorder at COP26 protests

Charlotte Cameron, a registered midwife from Aberdeen, said: “Rising temperatures are already contributing to increased rates of preterm birth and stillbirth. Babies are being borninto extreme-weather induced famine, facing malnutrition and death. This isn’t some far off future, it is happening in Madagascar. If we don’t stop burning fossil fuels, vulnerableregions will increasingly suffer a similar fate. How many more babies are going to needlessly die while companies like JP Morgan prioritise profit?”

Dr Christianne Guillotte, a GP trainee from London, said: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile spending time treating individual patients whilst the climate crisis,which will profoundly impact every child born today, progresses almost unchecked. I have a duty of care to protect my patients, and as have to speak up against banks like JPMorgan who are amplifying the damage.”

Dr Daniel Fitzgerald, a medical doctor from North Fife, said: “We will not reach safe temperature limits if we continue the slow incremental change displayed by JP Morgan. Even though, at a late stage, they joined the Net Zero Banking Alliance, they still finance new fossil fuel projects. It is vital for our health that companies like JPMorgan take their fairshare of responsibility for the climate crisis, rather than waiting for others to do so in the name of ‘pragmatism”

Today police warned they will deal “swiftly and robustly” with any violent disorder or damage to property during planned Cop26 protests over the coming days.

Protests are scheduled today and tomorrow across Glasgow.