Climate change to mean more floods in Britain, say scientists

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Flooding is likely to become an increasing problem in Britain as rain patterns change as a result of global warming, according to German scientists.

A group of researchers has investigated the potential changes in extreme rainfall patterns across the UK and found that in some regions, the time of year when we see the heaviest rain is set to shift.

Between 2061 and 2100, the south-east of the country will probably experience its most extreme rainfall later in the year, but the north-west will most likely experience it earlier in the year.

The peak time of intense rain will shift from late summer to autumn in south-eastern regions, while in north-western regions it will shift from December to November.

Lead author Anne Schindler said: “In late autumn, the river catchments in the north-west reach their maximum capacity of water, as do the eastern catchments in winter.

“This is the time of the year when on average the most floods occur.”