Beach clean-up plan for South Queensferry

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Society Point, South Queensferry will be getting spruced up for summer as part of Beachwatch.

Volunteers are needed to help at the Marine Conservation Society beach clean and litter survey on Sunday which aims to raise the issues of litter around the UK’s coastline.

Sea Champion volunteer co-ordinator Matt Barnes said litter levels of Scottish beaches were “worringly high”.

Last September, plastic made up 56 per cent of litter, according to the Beachwatch Big Weekend Report.

He said: “Volunteer cleaners also found over 110 plastic drinks bottles for every ­kilometre they surveyed.

“Over 170 species including seabirds, turtles and whales have mistaken marine litter for food and have eaten it, which in many cases has resulted in starvation, poisoning and ultimately a slow, painful death” explains Matt.

Gloves, bags and litter 
pickers will be provided and it begins at 11.30am.