Banton residents developing ideas for play park ... and they need your help

Banton Play Area Group has formed to build on a £60,000 grant from North Lanarkshire Council to create a new play area in the village.

Banton Play Area Group is looking for ideas from all villagers to create a new facility
Banton Play Area Group is looking for ideas from all villagers to create a new facility

Volunteers have been working with the council’s Play Services and Community Capacity building officers to design and develop an all age play space.

The design of the play area will be created through a consultation process engaging local children and adults.

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Susan Price, chairwoman of the play area group, said: “Following the 2018 annual play inspection our old equipment was removed.

“We clearly made our views heard by saying we need a new play park, and with £60,000 from the council as a starting point we will work to raise more money if the aspirations in the village demands it.

“By engaging with the Play Services staff we realised we could achieve so much more than simply replacing what we had before. Our completion date is summer 2020 so we’ll be exploring how to best utilise the space this year. ”

Kilsyth councillor Heather McVey added: “North Lanarkshire Council has invested £60,000 from the Local Development Programme which is an excellent foundation for the development of a play area.

“There is an abundance of ideas from the community and a real opportunity to make an exciting play area. We have seen communities in this council ward lead new play park developments in Croy and Queenzieburn that are unique to their communities.

“From the initial meetings with this group I know that Banton will do the same and the park will be designed with local children at its heart.”

Shona Smith, secretary of the group, has asked villagers to do some homework.

She said: “We are looking for photos of parks and play areas that families are visiting or loved on a previous holiday to help identify the variety of equipment that children may want. We are asking everyone to post a photo on the Banton Swingpark Facebook Group.

“We will also be asking children, and adults too if they wish, to design the play area they want for the village and will have a gallery of these designs or models in the village hall on Sunday, April 28.”

David Miller, treasurer of the group, added: “We are actively consulting with children and adults; and asking friends from across the village to send us photographs, drawings and models will be part of the process.

“We have circulated a survey and we hope that many people will take the time to complete it. We are keen that this is a community space not simply a play area.”

To complete the survey visit

The group are looking for new members and anyone interested can get in touch via the Banton Swingpark Facebook page.