Aberdeen sheriff orders destruction of fish following food fraud investigations

Picture: Stephen Mansfield
Picture: Stephen Mansfield
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A SHERIFF has ordered the destruction of more than 200 tonnes of illegal fish following one of Scotland’s largest food fraud investigations.

The disposal order was granted at Aberdeen Sheriff Court after Environmental Health officers at Aberdeen City Council received a complaint about fish being illegally exported from a fish processing plant in the city

A spokesman for the city council said: “This led to a major investigation which resulted in the detention and seizure of approximately 207 tonnes of frozen fish, predominately destined for Russia.

“On Tuesday a sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court granted Aberdeen City Council a condemnation order, confirming that the seized fish failed to comply with food safety requirements and that it be destroyed or disposed of as to prevent it being used for human consumption. The fish will now be disposed of to ensure it does not enter the human food chain.”

Ivor Churcher. the council’s environmental health commercial team leader, said: “Any establishment processing fishery products is required to be officially approved by the local authority which issues a unique identification mark. This identification mark enables products to be traced back to the original producer.

“During our investigation, our environmental health officers discovered large quantities of unmarked product along with product with an identification mark from a previously approved premises, which had ceased processing.”

Councillor Neil Cooney, convener of Aberdeen City Council’s Housing and Environment Committee, added: “As a council we have a duty to ensure that all items of food intended for sale for human consumption, which are produced, stored, and distributed, handled or consumed within the city are without risk to the health or safety of the consumer.”