English tartan

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Your report "Have we got trews for you? No, Boris it's a London kilt" (28 November)

claims: "Until now, not one English town or city has had a tartan specifically crafted in its honour." In fact, Halesowen in the Black Country has an official tartan – I know because I designed and registered it. I am also designing tartans for other towns in the Midlands.

I also believe that Durham, Berwick, Tweedmouth, Norham and Ladykirk and Sheffield have registered tartans, and Carlisle and York have tartans which have come to represent them over time, albeit in a semi-official capacity. There are also a fair few official English county tartans (eg, Black Country, Somerset and Devon) as well as Northumbrian tartan, the oldest known tartan design.

By spreading its, wings tartan could become a truly noble symbol that adds prestige to countries across the world and, in doing so, to its homeland.


Alexandra Road

Halesowen, Worcestershire