Election news in brief: SNP wins over two key supporters

Alex Salmond has won the support of a famous Scottish trade union leader, on the same day a former high-profile Labour councillor defected to the SNP.

Tommy Brennan, who was the works convener at Ravenscraig and led the fight to try to save the Scottish steel industry in the 1980s and 1990s, said he supported the SNP leader's "vision" for Scotland.

The endorsement came as Bashir Maan, a former Labour councillor and leading figure in Glasgow, endorsed the SNP.

Housing vow

The head of the Liberal Democrat election campaign has pledged the party will boost investment in housing.

George Lyon said: "We've identified 250 million for insulation of homes and buildings."

1bn health pledge

Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon yesterday repeated the SNP's pledge to invest 1 billion in the NHS during the next four years if the party is re-elected.

Gray attacks rivals

Labour leader Iain Gray claims the Tory and SNP campaigns are "out of touch" with the lives of ordinary Scots. He said voters would be "very suspicious" of SNP and Conservative links.