Election 2010: Alex Salmond promises to get 'better deal' for Scotland

SNP leader Alex Salmond today said his party were ready to do business if the general election was to produce a minority government.

• Alex Salmond said the SNP would be willing to work with a minority government on specific issues

Mr Salmond said his experience of leading a minority administration at Holyrood left him well-placed if the May 6 poll returns no overall majority for either Labour or the Conservatives.

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He told Sky News: "I've probably got more experience of balanced parliaments than anyone else in politics in Britain. With our Welsh allies Plaid Cymru we would be demanding - and getting - a better deal for the nations of scotland and Wales.

"The difficulties of the Tory and Labour Parties under these circumstances (a hung Parliament] would be an opportunity for the people of Scotland and Wales.

"We certainly woudn't go into coalition with Labour or the Tories - we see both platforms as deeply damaging - but there would be areas where we could find a way to get a better deal for the people of Scotland and Wales."

Mr Salmond said Gordon Brown's decision to call a general election on April 6 was a good omen for supporters of Scottish independence.

"He declared the election on the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath - an auspicious day to declare an election," said Mr Salmond.

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