Women being told ‘ambitions come behind motherhood’

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A GENERATION of girls is still being brought up to believe that raising children is more important than their own ambitions, a leading headmistress warned today.

Young women need to learn that they have options in life, and should be free to make decisions, according to Hilary French.

Mrs French, the incoming president of the Girls’ Schools Association, which represents independent girls schools in the UK, said it is still the case that society sees women as the ones who will take charge of childcare.

In her first interview as president,she said she regularly runs a course for students teaching business skills, which is addressed by business leaders. “Eighteen months ago, one of the young entrepreneurs, a lady, dared to say that she had probably put her business ahead of her son, and the sharp intake of breath from all of the girls was audible.

“They were all absolutely shocked, so yes, we are still creating a generation of girls who think that the whole idea of looking after children is really the most important thing, once you have a child. And who’s to say? That’s a whole ethical, moral argument, isn’t it? And it’s a very, very personal decision.”