University's invitation to BNP leader withdrawn

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STUDENTS at Prince William’s university yesterday withdrew their invitation to the leader of the British National Party to speak at a debate, after a storm of protest.

Nick Griffin had been invited by members of St Andrews University Debating Society to take part in a debate on the shortcomings of multiculturalism.

The National Union of Students in Scotland had sent a fax to all student associations in the country calling on the society to withdraw the invitation.

The society said it had cancelled the debate because of "serious security concerns involving the personal safety of the student body".

But Mr Griffin said: "This is yet again an example of the violent and intimidating type of leftism towards the patriotic people of the BNP.

"This is how they manage to intimidate the population into this politically-correct leftism."

Robina Qureshi, director of the anti-racism campaign group Positive Action in Housing, welcomed the U-turn.