Student newspaper sparks 'Page 3' row

A FURIOUS row has erupted at one of Scotland’s leading universities after the student newspaper featured a tabloid-style "Page 3" picture of a half-naked girl.

The Edinburgh University paper, the Student, was founded by Robert Louis Stevenson and former editors include Gordon Brown and Lord David Steel.

But its February edition has raised more than a few eyebrows after carrying a full-page photo of a topless brunette wearing just black knickers and a strategically positioned tartan scarf covering her breasts. Identified only as 22-year-old Hannah, she is pictured in one of the historic libraries at the university.

The paper has been flooded with complaints from academics and students alike and has provoked fury among morality campaigners.

The picture was said to be a stunt by outgoing editors Stewart Bingham and Sam Friedman who also printed a picture of a male student in skimpy briefs on Page 11.

Catherine Harper, spokeswoman for Scottish Women Against Pornography claimed the picture had "seriously damaged" the university’s reputation.

Mr Bingham, who edited last week’s Student, yesterday defended the photographs but admitted they had generated dozens of complaints.

"The pictures are tasteful enough. It’s more the concept than the picture that has caused a stir," he said.