Student designs app to take strain out of university life

Fourth year RGU student Andrew Garden creates app to maximise university experience
Fourth year RGU student Andrew Garden creates app to maximise university experience
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Students in Aberdeen have designed a new app to help users manage university life.

Andrew Garden, a fourth year international business student at Robert Gordon University, is leading the development of “Student Sins” to insure that he and his fellow-learners are maximising the university experience.

It brings together seven apps - named after the deadly sins - so that users can plan a night out, budget their finances, create food and fitness plans, manage their academic studies, edit photos and apply for jobs in one place.

The first app - Lust - has been launched. It acts as a social planner with updates on nights out, who is going to what and who is going where.

Users can also create a profile page and follow what other students are up to.

Mr Garden, who has 20 students developing the product, said: “It essentially emulates the decision making process that students go through in their university life from socialising and planning nights out to budgeting, organising responsibilities, shopping and sharing pictures.

“I first developed the concept when I was at school as an organiser for students as I was struggling to organise exam dates, study plans, activities and my social life. The idea was that the student would input all of their information and the planner would bring everything together.”

Hundreds of students have signed up to Lust following its launch earlier this month. Additionally more than 30 nightclubs, bars and pubs in Aberdeen have signed up to it which each manage their own profile page which every user automatically follows.

Student Sins is open to any higher education student in Aberdeen with hopes to roll it out across Scotland.