Sit-in parents pledge to fight on

PARENTS staging a sit-in at two closure-threatened primary schools appealed to councillors yesterday to throw out the plan.

Up to 20 protesters have occupied Wyndford and neighbouring St Gregory's, in Maryhill, Glasgow, since 3 April.

They made their way into the schools as they broke up for the Easter holidays and have taken up residence in the gym, kitchen and dining hall in Wyndford.

The schools are among 13 primaries and 12 nurseries that Glasgow City Council wants to close or merge.

Parents and grandparents taking part in the protest were yesterday joined by some of the pupils. Displaying banners reading "Save Our Schools" and "We'll never be divided", they vowed to continue their fight.

Their appeal to save the schools was made as the authority's Labour group met to discuss the findings of a six-week "consultation" on the proposals. A final decision on the schools is due next Thursday.

Richie Venton, the organiser of the Glasgow Save our Schools Campaign, said that they had a "simple message" for the Labour councillors.

"Either they save all 25 schools and nurseries, or the voters in the future will decide to sack them from their council positions and their jobs," he said.

A demonstration against the proposed school closures is expected to take place in Glasgow's 'George Square on Friday.