Scottish school’s charity breakfast axed after lorne sausage complaint

The rolls and lorne sausage which were to be served to pupils were deemed "not to be in compliance" with the council's nutritional standards. Picture: Naomi Vance
The rolls and lorne sausage which were to be served to pupils were deemed "not to be in compliance" with the council's nutritional standards. Picture: Naomi Vance
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A primary school’s charity breakfast has been postponed because the rolls and lorne sausage which were to be given to pupils were deemed “not to be in compliance” with a council’s nutritional standards.

The event, at Fallin Primary School, near Stirling, had been intended to raise funds for STV’s Children’s Appeal, but had to be axed because of the type of snack intended to have been served.

The “Big Breakfast” event was supposed to have taken place at the 237-pupil school last Friday morning.

Stirling Council, the local education authority, said it was “committed to improving the health and well-being of pupils” including ensuring that school meals comply with nutritional requirements.

A spokesman added today: “To ensure these guidelines were followed, the school postponed the breakfast event, and the children are looking forward to fundraising for a good cause at a future date, which will be communicated to parents.”

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The Children’s Appeal was launched in 2011 in partnership with the Hunter Foundation to help young people living in poverty in Scotland.

STV weatherman Sean Batty attended at the school last year for the same event.

One parent, who was not named, told the area’s local newspaper: “There was supposed to be a Big Breakfast at Fallin Primary for the cause.

“Stirling Council pulled the plug on it due to a complaint that the kids were going to be eating a roll and square sausage.

“Honest to God, it’s not like it’s a plate of sugar.

“I think it’s awful. They were trying to help raise money for a worthy cause and they stop that.

“Stirling Council disgust me.”

Another parent added: “It’s a traditional part of a Full Scottish Breakfast.”

Fallin Primary School’s present building was officially opened 1967 but a school in the village has been traced back to at least the early 1820s. The first school in Fallin was for the children of farm labourers. At the start of the 1900s a coal mine opened and a larger school was needed. The village grew around the pit site.

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The school’s official handbook states: “We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and happy school where staff, pupils and parents work together and everyone is valued.

“The school has a positive and inclusive ethos based on good behaviour, courtesy and effort.

“Strong emphasis is put on celebrating success, raising self-esteem and encouraging personal improvement.”

The lorne sausage, also known as square sausage, is made from minced meat, rusk and spices. It is thought to be named after the region of Lorne in Argyll.

Another reason for the name that has been cited is that it was named after Tommy Lorne, a Scottish music hall comedian of the 1920s. However advertisements for “Lorne Sausage” have been found in newspapers as early as 1896 -- when Mr Lorne would have been still only six.

Only four miles from the school, meat producers Falleninch Farm Butchers won a top award in 2014 for their Jalapeno Slice sausage.