School’s out – too few jobs for teachers

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JUST a third of newly qualified teachers has been able to find full-time permanent jobs in schools, according to new figures.

This autumn 35.4 per cent of those who just completed their probationary year found a full-time permanent teaching post, according to figures from the General Teaching Council (GTC) for Scotland, up from last year’s 20.9 per cent rate.

More new teachers found part-time permanent employment, up from 1.6 per cent to 4.9 per cent. Around one in four found full-time temporary contracts, while 8.1 per cent are on part-time temporary contracts.

Anthony Finn, chief executive of GTC for Scotland, said: “This is a welcome development after a number of disappointing results in recent years.

“Earlier this year we stated that we thought the figures were bottoming out and beginning to rise. We are pleased that this year’s survey appears to confirm this.”