Prince Charles’s old school wins ‘sex on desk’ legal wrangle

Gordonstoun School, Elgin, Moray. Picture: Neil Hanna
Gordonstoun School, Elgin, Moray. Picture: Neil Hanna

The family of a teenage girl who was thrown out of Prince Charles’s former school for having sex with a fellow pupil on a teacher’s desk have lost a legal bid to challenge the decision.

The 16-year-old was thrown out of Gordonstoun School in Moray – which charges fees of more than £30,000 – after being caught in a tryst with a boy by a member of staff.

They both were initially suspended by the boarding school’s principal Simon Reid before being expelled following the incident in March 2013.

However, the girl’s mother challenged the decision on the grounds that she suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which affected her judgement.

She said this made her daughter disabled and claimed she had been unlawfully discriminated against.

Their case was rejected by the Additional Support Needs Tribunal for Scotland but the family appealed the decision to Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session.

They sought a written apology from the school, a statement that she had been discriminated against and changes to the school’s discipline policy to ensure that a similar incident doesn’t occur.

However, judges Lady Smith, Lord Brodie and Lord Malcolm rejected their case and upheld the tribunal’s decision that the girl, referred to in court as ‘M’, was not disabled.

In a written ruling, Lady Smith said: “The experts did not, unsurprisingly, say that when a young person with ADHD has sex, that will always be in consequence of their ADHD.

“In the modern world, all too often teenagers exercise poor judgment in sexual matters. It is widespread. It is, sadly, a fact of life.”

Various emails dating back over more than a year were discovered between the pair which disclosed sexually explicit exchanges having taken place.

Prince Charles claimed he hated his time there as a boy and described it as “hell” and a “prison”.

In a cruel initiation ceremony in 1962, he was caged naked in a wicker basket and left under a cold shower until rescued by a housemaster.

Other notable former pupils include his brothers Andrew and Edward, Peter and Zara Phillips, and David Bowie’s son Zowie — now known as Duncan Jones.