Facebook Live: What skills do I need to future-proof my career?

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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In the fast-paced technological age, it’s important to keep your skillset up-to-date to remain an attractive prospect to employers.

Scotsman host David Lee was joined by three employees of Eden Scott who want to help you do just that.

Joining David is Ewan Anderson, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Jennifer Telfer, Senior Digital Consultant and John Martin who’s a Senior Manufacturing and Technology consultant.

Together, they discussed ways to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers during a Facebook Live stream on Thursday 29th June, which you can catch up on via the player above.

The trio helped outline the fastest growing job setors in Scotland and what skills are needed to gain employment within them.

Ewan Anderson said: “With the increases in smaller businesses, there’s a real focus on culture.

“You need to have that education background but you can’t put your hood up and sit in the corner doing your coding.

“There’s a culture and you need to be a part of that culture because people want to build something special as a company.

Ewan, John and Jennifer also shared their top tips for getting noticed and also what it takes to “fill yourself with the ambition to succeed”.

The social broadcast was in partnership with Young Company Finance (YCF) who are holding a conference for people interested in investing in early stage companies.