David Cameron urges education sector to take ‘Germanic approach’ and teach skills to fuel economy

David Cameron: wants Britain to learn from Germany
David Cameron: wants Britain to learn from Germany
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DAVID Cameron has urged Britain to learn lessons from German by ensuring schools and colleges teach the skills needed to fuel the economy.

The Prime Minister said businesses and the education sector should take a “more Germanic approach” by consulting on what skills are most needed in the next generation of workers.

“As we try and reindustrialise our country, some companies like yours are expanding so fast they are saying to us, ‘we can’t find the engineers, we can’t find the mechanics and other skills’,” he said during a question and answer session at car seat and electricals firm Lear in Redditch.

“There is no simple, easy answer to this because you can’t create an engineer overnight.

“You’ve got to go right back in the school system, which is what we are doing, and say, ‘right, are we encouraging kids to study the right subjects?’.”