100,000 still in ‘poor’ school buildings

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THOUSANDS of pupils continue to be taught in crumbling buildings, despite big improvements in the school estate.

New figures show 102,216 pupils were schooled in “poor” buildings and 7,476 in those classed as “bad”, the lowest rating, in 2012.

During the past five years, 403 schools have been rebuilt or substantially refurbished, 46 in the past year alone.

As a result, 84 per cent of pupils are now in “good” or “satisfactory” buildings, compared with 61 per cent when the SNP came to power in 2007.

While around 1 per cent of pupils are still being taught in the worst class of building, that compares to around four per cent in 2007.

Education secretary Mike Russell hailed the figures, saying: “Real progress is being made.

“We are delivering for our schools and our schools are delivering for their pupils. We will continue to work hard to make further improvements and, despite the difficult financial circumstances we face, we are confident we can go on delivering on our ambition to make Scotland the best place to grow up.”