Edinburgh gran to be on TV’s OAPs Behaving Badly

For most pensioners, the days of hitting the town and dancing all night are the stuff of distant memory.

Pat Ingles all dressed up and pole-dancing. Picture: Comp

But for 69-year-old Pat Ingles, a wild night out gulping down glasses of champagne and showing off her gym-chiselled body is just par for the course.

The outrageous Edinburgh grandmother, who is set to appear on Channel 5 show OAPs Behaving Badly tonight, regularly parties until dawn and has a wardrobe stuffed full of raunchy costumes including a nurse, maid, policewoman and army outfit.

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And the mischievous former hairdresser even has a pair of bright orange knickers to go with her skimpy flight attendant get-up.

Pat Ingles with an Elvis impersonator. Picture: Comp

With her regular weight-lifting sessions at the gym and her pole dancing lessons, the tattooed pensioner is a far cry from her fellow elderly neighbours in the quiet suburbs of the city – and that’s just the way she likes it.

Pat, a widow for the past 12 years, said: “I like looking sexy and I feel as though for my age I’ve not got a bad body. I like the way I am and I like the way I look. I can walk into a room and I turn heads.

“I would describe myself as being absolutely crazy. I never know what I’m going to do till I do it. I go into the gym, I talk to everybody, I kiss the boys and I just have good fun.”

Pat is a regular in the Capital’s bars and clubs and 
together with her friend Julia Church, who is also a widow, the pair can be seen letting rip at the holiday destination of Menorca on Wednesday night’s show.

The grandmother’s outrageous antics mean she can frequently be found dancing on tables and flirting with young men – ensuring she remains the centre of attention wherever she ends up.

But recently the eccentric pensioner has found love with 66-year-old Colin, who shares a similar passion for partying and drinking.

And after years of taking care of her family members, including her husband who died from prostrate cancer, Pat hopes Colin will be the perfect companion for her lively twilight years.

She said: “Colin and I have a fantastic time together.

“We have nice sex and we enjoy each other’s company.

“I have just realised how much I missed it before, missed having somebody to cuddle me, to sleep with me, to care for me and protect me and treat me like a lady.”

The Channel 5 series OAPs Behaving Badly, which will run from 9pm tonight, follows the lives and loves of pensioners from around the UK who are determined to grow old disgracefully.

Earlier episodes saw 75-year-old Leapy Lee, a former 
musician who achieved fame in the 1960s, reliving his heyday as a sex symbol with his adoring Danish girlfriend Bettina – 25 years his junior.

Elsewhere, 70-year-old former university professor Colin was filmed as he entered the secret world of geriatric suburban swinging.