Edinburgh City Council candidates 2012

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1. Almond Ward (3 cllrs)

Moira Dunworth - Scottish Green Party

Billy Fitzpatrick - Scottish Labour Party

Otto Inglis - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

John Longstaff - Independent

Lindsay Paterson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alastair Gordon Shields - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Norman James Work - Scottish National Party (SNP)

2. Pentland Hills Ward (3 cllrs)

Stuart Bridges - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Mike Professor Pongoo Ferrigan - Independent

Ricky Henderson - Scottish Labour Party

Bill Henderson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Dominic Heslop - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Sheila Catriona Dorothy Low - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Phyl Stuart Meyer - Scottish Green Party

3. Drum Brae/Gyle Ward (3 cllrs)

Robert Aldridge - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Steven Binney - Independent

Mark Brown - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Ron Cairns - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Linda Hendry - Scottish Green Party

Karen Keil - Scottish Labour Party

Alison Lindsay - Scottish National Party (SNP)

John Scott - Independent

4. Forth Ward (4 cllrs)

Steve Cardownie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Cammy Day - Scottish Labour Party

George Gordon - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ruth Ann Henderson - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Allan George Jackson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Kate Joester - Scottish Green Party

Seumas Stiubhard Macmhicean - Liberal Party in Scotland

Vicki Redpath - Scottish Labour Party

Tim Wight - Scottish Liberal Democrats

5. Inverleith Ward (4 cllrs)

Nigel Bagshaw - Scottish Green Party

Gavin Barrie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Scott Douglas - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Lesley Hinds - Scottish Labour Party

Tim McKay - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Iain Whyte - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

John Young - Scottish National Party (SNP)

6. Corstorphine/Murrayfield Ward (3 cllrs)

Jeremy Ross Balfour - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Paul Edie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Dominic Hinde - Scottish Green Party

Tom McInally - Scottish Labour Party

James Nisbet - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Frank Ross - Scottish National Party (SNP)

7. Sighthill/Gorgie Ward (4 cllrs)

Lindsay Ashford - Scottish Green Party

Susan Stewart Dewhurst - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Denis Charles Dixon - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Catherine Fullerton - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Neil Maclean - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Eric Milligan - Scottish Labour Party

Donald Wilson - Scottish Labour Party

8. Colinton/Fairmilehead Ward (3 cllrs)

Elaine Aitken - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Eric Barry - Scottish Labour Party

Alan Beal - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Richard Lewis - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Malcolm Mackay - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Jason Geoffrey Rust - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Andy Saunders - Scottish Green Party

9. Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart Ward (3 cllrs)

Andrew Burns - Scottish Labour Party

Gavin Corbett - Scottish Green Party

David Key - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jim Lowrie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Will Searle - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Tom Strode - Liberal Party in Scotland

10. Meadows/Morningside Ward (4 cllrs)

Jenny Dawe - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Paul Godzik - The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

Sandy Howat - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Phil Hunt - Pirate Party Scotland

William David Mitchell Macadam - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Melanie Main - Scottish Green Party

Mark McInnes - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

11. City Centre Ward (3 cllrs)

Iain James Coleman - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Karen Doran - Scottish Labour Party

Karen Michelle Hetherington - Liberal Party in Scotland

Julita Mazurek - Scottish Green Party

Joanna Mowat - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alasdair Rankin - Scottish National Party (SNP)

12. Leith Walk Ward (4 cllrs)

Angela Blacklock - Scottish Labour Party

Miles Briggs - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Deirdre Leanne Brock - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maggie Chapman - Scottish Green Party

Nick Gardner - Scottish Labour Party

John Hein - Liberal Party in Scotland

John McArdle - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Jimmy McIntosh – Independent

Jamie Paterson - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Seumas Ross Skinner - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alex Wilson - Independent

13. Leith Ward (3 cllrs)

Chas Booth - Scottish Green Party

Irvine Wallace McMinn - Liberal Party in Scotland

Adam McVey - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Rob Munn - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gordon Munro - Scottish Labour Party

Nicola Ross - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Marjorie Thomas - Scottish Liberal Democrats

14. Craigentinny/Duddingston Ward (3 cllrs)

Kevin Ferguson - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Joan Griffiths - Scottish Labour Party

Jason Lingiah - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alex Lunn - Scottish Labour Party

John Palmer - Scottish Green Party

Gary John Peacock - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Stefan Tymkewycz - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Colin Williamson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

15. Southside/Newington Ward (4 cllrs)

William Black - Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition

Steve Burgess - Scottish Green Party

Margaret Lea - Liberal Party in Scotland

Gordon Mackenzie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Gordon Murdie - Independent

Jim Orr - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ian Perry - Scottish Labour Party

Cameron Rose - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

16. Liberton/Gilmerton Ward (4 cllrs)

Norma Austin Hart - Scottish Labour Party

Tom Buchanan - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Joan Carter - Scottish Green Party

Nick Cook - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Bill Cook - Scottish Labour Party

Colin Fox - Scottish Socialist Party

Derek Howie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

John Christopher Knox - Scottish Liberal Democrats

17. Portobello/Craimillar Ward (3 cllrs)

Mike Bridgman - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maureen Child - Scottish Labour Party

Henry Thomas Christian - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Norrie Davies - Independent

David Alistair Manson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Peter McColl - Scottish Green Party

Martin Veart - Scottish Liberal Democrats

David Walker - Scottish Labour Party