Edinburgh childcare worker allegedly called child a '˜thick c**t'

A CHILDCARE worker faces being struck off over an incredible dossier of alleged foul-mouthed outbursts.

Edinburgh's Portland Street, where the youth residential centre is located. Picture: Google Maps

Peter Fitzsimmons is accused of calling one child a “thick c**t” , a “nutter”, and a “p**f”.

Mr Fitzsimmons, who worked at a centre for at-risk teenagers in Edinburgh, is alleged to have sworn in front of children on at least 15 occasions.

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He is also accused of sharing a cigarette with one child in his care.

The case, which is due to start in Dundee next Monday, centres on his time as a night worker at Portland Street youth residential centre in August last year.

The centre - run by a charity - provides accommodation to at-risk teens.

The charges brought by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) describe how he “used abusive language” directed at one resident, which put them “at risk of harm”.

In reference to the fact that the child had been in care since the age of 11, he allegedly said: “What was that fur? Your folks just no’ look after you or were you a nutter at the school?”

He is also said to have asked the same child: “What’s your arithmetic like? Adding up and that? 78.3 multiplied by 968.71 - come on you thick c**t you should have it now 8,300, 722.8931 - piece of p**h”.

He is also said to have “colluded” with the same resident, encouraging them “to lie to other staff about staying up all night”.

He is accused of saying to the child: “Dinnae be f****** mentioning that you were up all night.”

He is also said to have told the child that another individual “f****** dobbed me in last time”.

Separate charges outline other instances of him using the words “b******s”, “f***”, “f******” and c**t” around the same child.

He is also said to have told them: “I’ve f****** smoked since I was nine like a f****** chimney. I never smoked that heavy when I was nine mind - never enough money. Every c**t smoked then, it was popular. All the adults smoke, nearly all the adults, it was cool.”

The charges also outline allegations of him telling a child to “go for it” when they asked for a roll up cigarette.

He apparently told them: “You’ll have to go out the front or back to smoke it. Dinnae lock yourself out.”

He is also said to have encouraged the child to eat another’s ice cream, saying: “Get me one in all - we’re as well scoffing it as he is no gonna f****** eat it. You’d think he’d have the sense to take it f****** with him.”

They also claim he broke confidentiality by describing the details of another child’s case, saying: “One day she just went f****** raj - punching - wanted to kill everyone and she said, ‘I’m gonna knock him out’ and I said, ‘how ya gonna dae that, have you got a f****** Stanley knife or something?’”