Edinburgh Brothel: Unlikely driver changed plea

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A FORMER bank manager and yacht club commodore, Ian Goalen was perhaps not the sort of person you would expect to find ferrying prostitutes around.

However, the 59-year-old father-of-two, struggling for work after being sacked, fell into the role he described as like a “pizza delivery man”. He told the court how his wife knew all about his job.

Goalen changed his plea to guilty on a charge of living off the earnings of prostitutes and gave damning evidence against his former bosses.

He began working for the agency while training as a driving instructor where a lapdancer called Emily was one of his pupils.

“She had joined an escort agency and asked if I would drive her to see clients,” he said. “I would drive her to Grosvenor Street and sit and wait in the car.

“One night, one of the other girls said ‘Why does she have her own driver’? I stupidly said I would drive other girls.”

After failing his driving instructor exams in April 2011, Goalen started working full-time, earning £15 for each journey. He would sit in the flat and chat to the prostitutes between jobs.

He said: “It’s difficult to get a job at 59. I was looking for a source of income. If I had an alternative I would have preferred to do something else.” Goalen, of St Andrew Street in North Berwick, was sacked from his job as bank manager in 1995 for gross misconduct. He was commodore of the East Lothian Yacht Club between 2002 and 2004, and was given the honour of setting off the Hogmanay fireworks in his home town in 2003. A club spokeswoman said that his membership had now been “suspended”.

Goalen told the court that he had been living “a nightmare” for two years since his arrest, and tried to downplay his role in the business. He said: “I made the biggest mistake of my life, which I regret. My life has been likened to a pizza delivery man. I just drove the girls.”

He also admitted sending sexually explicit texts to the vice girls while waiting outside client’s houses. He said: “It was boring sitting waiting, so you send stupid jokes.”