Edinburgh Apple store revealed ahead of opening

The covers have come down from the Edinburgh Apple store for the first time, giving shoppers a glimpse at what’s in store for Saturday’s grand opening.

The interior of the new Edinburggh Apple store on Princes Street has been revealed for the first time. Pic: Gareth Edwards

After months of work behind high hoardings, and a week after the exterior was revealed with white-out windows to prevent people looking in, the design of the Princes Street store is finally on show to the public.

Curious shoppers were able to peer inside this morning - although they may have been a little underwhelmed by what they saw, given the length delays to the store’s opening and the long build up.

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The familiar minimalist design has rows of simple wooden desks fitted with the latest Apple gadgets, from iPads to iPhones, while the walls are decorated with pictures of the same products.

There was no sign of a suggested ‘great glass escalator’ in the store - but clearly visible were the stairs leading up to the second floor. And staff had put a sign advertising the grand opening on Saturday at 10am at the foot of the stairs, suggesting there will be a few more surprises in store for those turning out for the launch.