Dundee teen juggling his way to a world record

JUGGLER Luke Davies is one ball away from a world record.

Juggler Luke Davies is attempting to break the world record. Picture: SWNS
Juggler Luke Davies is attempting to break the world record. Picture: SWNS

He’s managed to keep 12 in the air, and now aims to make it 13.

Luke, 19, from Tayport, Fife, joined the ranks of the world juggling elite this week when he managed to juggle 12 balls simultaneously.

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The feat is matched by only a few worldwide and leaves him just one ball from matching the World Record of 13, held by Londoner Alex Barron.

The moment he “flashed” 12 simultaneously was captured on camera, allowing it to join official records.

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The talented juggler taught himself the circus skill after stumbling across some juggling balls at a local gala nine years ago.

Since then he has dedicated hundreds of hours to the pastime, with his developing prowess viewed by millions on social media sites.

Luke said it had taken many hours to land the 12-ball trick.

“I train every day, whenever I get the chance,” he said.

“Even If I’m working the full day I’ll make sure that I grab some time either before or after work.

“From starting it took just 20 minutes to graduate to three balls and once I decided to go for it, improving from three to four took about a week.

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“Moving from ten to 11 took an entire summer holiday of practice. I trained every day as I was determined to make it happen.

“Increasing from 11 to 12 took half a year.”

Luke said he would continue working in the hope of matching the Guinness World Record.