Dundee teacher who kissed pupil in nightclub keeps job

Picture: Google Maps
Picture: Google Maps
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A Dundee teacher who kissed a pupil in a nightclub has avoided being struck off.

Graham Hopkins, a secondary school teacher in Dundee, “socialised” with two girls, one of whom he knew was a pupil, and later kissed the other girl, despite the fact he “might be expected to know” she too was at school.

He also failed to tell school management about the fact the girls were in the club even though they were “likely” to be under 18.

Mr Hopkins was called before by the General Teaching Council for Scotland following the incident at Liquid Nightclub in December 2014.

Instead of the case going to a full public hearing, Mr Hopkins accepted his fitness to teach was impaired and received a reprimand.

Mr Hopkins signed a document in which he stated: “I waive my right to a full hearing and admit in full the allegation made against me relating to my fitness to teach.”

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He admitted that “on 6 December 2014, at Liquid Nightclub, Dundee, you were approached by two females, one of whom you knew to be a pupil (Pupil A) and the other you might be expected to know was a pupil (Pupil B).”

Mr Hopkins also admitted the charge that he did “socialise with Pupils A and B including speaking to and being photographed with them, kiss pupil B [and] fail to report to management that Pupils A and B were likely to be under 18 years of age.”

He stated: “I admit that the above means that my fitness to teach is impaired.”

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