Dundee sees fall in violent crime

Dundee and the Tay Bridge.  Picture: Ian Rutherford
Dundee and the Tay Bridge. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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VIOLENT crime has fallen in Dundee by more than a third over the past year, it was revealed today.

New figures released by the Tayside Division of Police Scotland have disclosed that the number of violent incidents in the city has decreased by 34.6 per cent in the last twelve month from 280 incidents to 183.

And, at the same time, detection rates have improved from 79.6 per cent to 83.6 per cent.

Chief Superintendent Hamish Macpherson, Police Scotland’s Commander in Tayside Division, said the fall in violent crime was “significant”. And he warned that there would be no let up in targeting the perpetrators of violence in the city.

Chief Supt Macpherson said: “This reduction is significant not for the fall in numbers, but for the fact that fewer people suffered violence at the hands of others. The impact of violent crime – bearing in mind that it comes in many forms – is not simply upon the individual victim. Its reach spreads to family, friends and through communities where that incident takes place.

“Violent crime hurts communities - whether it is the domestic incident that takes place behind closed doors, a street brawl, or even a fight involving weapons – such malevolence can change the way law abiding people feel about where they live.”

He continued: “Police Scotland is determined to continue this downward trend in respect of incidents of violent crime, while at the same time holding those who become involved in such criminality to account.

“Like any city, Dundee is not immune to crime, but it is a safe place to live work and relax. We want people to have confidence in their communities and our officers are there to work with them, and our local partners, to ensure that their concerns are listened to and acted upon.”

Statistics breakdown

The figures show that in 2012-13, there were 438 fewer crimes in Dundee compared to the previous year for offences which include violent crime, robbery, vandalism and domestic housebreaking. The fall from 7588 to 7150 represents an overall reduction of 5.8 per cent.

Chief Inspector Conrad Trickett, he local area commander for Dundee North explained: ‘‘There was a period in late 2012 early 2013 where we experienced a series of housebreaking offences in Dundee. It was identified that a small number of criminals were responsible for these offences and they were traced, arrested, put before the courts and most importantly removed from our streets”

He continued: “It is encouraging to see an overall drop in offences and I want to remind residents in Dundee that our officers are a part of their communities. They are there in the streets where they live, they are visible, they are approachable and I would encourage people to speak with them about any concerns or issues they have.

“We are there to listen and to keep people safe. If you see a crime or are aware of criminal activity contact Police Scotland and we will take the appropriate action. People want us to reduce violent crime and we are doing that in Dundee. With the support of our communities we will continue to drive down crime and make our streets even safer.”

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