Dundee Marmalade ice cream sells out in Canada

MARMALADE flavoured ice cream, partly produced by a Scottish food company, has gone on sale in Canada and sold out in the matter of days.

Cochrane, in Alberta, has gone mad for marmalade ice cream. Picture: Contributed

Mackays, the producer of Dundee Orange Marmalade - who have always dreamed of producing marmalade ice cream - teamed up with its Canadian namesake, MacKay’s Ice Cream to make the dessert.

The sweet treat went on sale in a family-run store in Cochrane, Alberta, earlier this summer and bosses have now reported that the entire stock of ice cream sold out in days.

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Meghan Tayfel, from MacKay’s ice Cream, said the unusual flavour was “well received”.

She said: “We were excited to make the Dundee Marmalade Pecan Crunch as one of our special features.

“It was well received, especially by our customers already familiar with the Mackays marmalades and jams.

“We easily went through 11.4 litres over a Saturday and Sunday.

“This is really good considering our special features have to compete with 48 of our standard flavours.

“The second 11.4 litre tub we made was brought to our store during the week so it would have a bit more time in the store and more of our weekday customers could try it, but, again, it was devoured quickly.”

The two businesses decided to join forces after they got talking on social media.

Mackays then supplied a batch of its famous marmalade, which was used by the Canadian parlour to make the ice cream - and locals in Cochrane wasted no time in getting their hands on the treat as soon as it went on sale.

Although there are currently no plans to sell the ice cream in Dundee, both companies are hoping to link up again in the near future.

Martin Grant, managing director at Mackays, said: “We were delighted to discover our namesakes MacKay’s Ice Cream In Alberta, Canada.

“As it’s one of the countries we export to, we knew our Mackays products already had a following in the area.

“It’s great to hear that the collaboration on the marmalade ice cream was well received by visitors to their shop and we look forward to seeing what other flavours can be created with jam and marmalade in the future.”

Mackays, founded in 1938, is now the only remaining producer of Dundee Orange Marmalade in the area.

The marmalade is still made in traditional copper pans using oranges from the Spanish city of Seville.

Martin Grant, managing director at Mackays added: “When we first contacted MacKay’s Ice Cream in Cochrane, Canada it was just out of curiosity to see if they’d even consider collaborating with us.

“We had no idea they already enjoyed Mackays marmalade at home and would love to work with us.

“The connection grew from there and before we knew it the special edition Dundee Marmalade Pecan Crunch Ice Cream was born.

“It was incredibly well received by their customers and who knows what could happen in the future?

“Perhaps Scotland is ready for a new dessert sensation.”