Dundee attack leaves man with broken jaw

Picture: TSPL
Picture: TSPL
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POLICE in Dundee have launched a manhunt after a 37 year-old man was left with a shattered and broken jaw following a vicious and unprovoked attack in a city street.

The victim of the assault needed surgery to have titanium bolts fitted to the shattered bone following the assault.

A spokesman for the Tayside Division of Police Scotland said the attack had taken place on 4 September but the victim had only contacted police days after the assault when he realised the extent of his injures.

The spokesman explained: “The 37-year-old man’s jaw was so badly broken in a Dundee city centre assault earlier this month that he required surgery to have titanium bolts fitted to the shattered bone. The victim did not contact that emergency services immediately after the incident and it was only days later, when the pain became intolerable, that he attended at Ninewells Hospital where the extent of his injuries were confirmed.

“Following surgery, he contacted Police Scotland. “

The man was attacked between 2pm and 3pm on Wednesday, 4 September, in Reform Street. He was with friends when they passed a group of young men and were shouted at.

The force spokesman said: “One man – in his late teens to early 20s with brown hair - then emerged from the group and assaulted the man, who fell over. He got up and walked away, but was chased by the younger man. He fell again on the roadway in Reform Street near to Costa Coffee and McDonalds and, while on the floor, was seriously assaulted.

“His assailant walked away, leaving him bleeding from the mouth, minus a tooth and what he subsequently found out was a badly broken jaw. Police Scotland is appealing for anyone who saw this vicious attack or who has information that could help trace the person responsible to come forward.”

He added: “The suspect was part of a group of men, all believed to be in their late teens to early 20s. Given the time and location, the area was busy with people, many of who will have seen this incident and police want to hear from them. Anyone who can assist should call 101, or speak to any officer.”