Dumfries and Galloway ‘cat thefts’ warning

Fatso and Sooty, two of the missing cats. Picture: SSPCA
Fatso and Sooty, two of the missing cats. Picture: SSPCA
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THE Scottish SPCA today issued an urgent warning to pet owners in Dumfries and Galloway after a spate of possible cat thefts in the area

The leading animal welfare charity has launched an appeal for information following the recent disappearance of a number of cats in the Howgill area of Annan.

An SSPCA spokeswoman said: “Scotland’s animal welfare charity has been contacted by a resident who has lost five cats in the space of six months. The charity has also been made aware of two other cats in the area going missing and never being found.

“The Scottish SPCA is now urging other members of the public who have lost cats in the Howgill area in recent months to contact them.”

Mike Flynn, the SSPCA’s Chief Superintendent, said: “While it’s a sad reality that cats go missing every day, seven within such a small area and short time frame is very concerning. There may also be more incidents that we are not aware of.

“These cats have never been seen again and no bodies have ever been found Unfortunately, we have to consider the possibility that there may be someone close-by deliberately taking cats to cause them harm or even death.”

He added: “If anyone in the Howgill or nearby area has recently lost a cat we would very much like to talk to them. We would also urge anyone with information about these disappearances to contact our animal helpline in confidence on 03000 999 999.”