Dulux adverts dog dies of brain haemorrhage

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THE first Scottish dog to star in Dulux’s iconic television adverts has died.

Gair, an old English sheepdog from North Lanarkshire, has died of a brain haemorrhage at the age of seven.

The dog debuted in Dulux’s 50th anniversary advertisement in 2011 and went on to film five other adverts for the paint firm.

Owner Heather Gardiner, who lives in Bargeddie, said Gair was more than just a pet but a “special person”.

She said: “He passed away very suddenly last week and it was just dreadful.

“Anyone who hasn’t had the love of a good dog in their lives sometimes doesn’t understand how it feels to lose them.

“It is an awful loss and I’ll miss him each and every day.”

“In all his time with me, I can honestly say I never heard this wee lad growl at a living soul, he was just such a wonderful ­natured boy.”

Gair was the only dog from Scotland to appear as an emblem for the paint company, which has been using animals to promote products for more than 45 years.

Ms Gardiner added: “The proudest memory was seeing the 50th anniversary advert air for the first time.

“The latest advert which has Gair in a bedroom in between two lovely female students was a real treat for him.

“He loved getting the adulation of two beauties.”

His owner said “hundreds” of people had been in touch to pay tribute to her beloved dog.

She said: “One woman who I’ve never even met has offered to paint a watercolour of him.”

The role has been held by a number of dogs over the years, usually breed champions from dog shows, such as Shepton Dash, Fernville Lord Digby and Gambit.

The Old English Sheepdog was picked as the brand mascot for Dulux due to the very long coats they grow, with hair often covering their face and eyes.

The dog was first introduced in Australian advertising campaigns in the 1960s. Since then, they have been a constant and highly popular feature of the company’s advertisements with the breed becoming known as the “Dulux dog”.