Drunken sailors trash bar at Faslane nuclear base

Drunken sailors went on the rampage at Faslane nuclear submarine base trashing its bar and in-house cinema.

The incident occurred at the Faslane base. Picture: Getty
The incident occurred at the Faslane base. Picture: Getty

MoD police are investigating the incident which occurred on Friday night and is reported to have involved officers who had returned to Helensburgh from

a three-month patrol.

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The damage caused to the wardroom bar, which is reserved for officers’ use, included a projector being ripped from the ceiling at the base’s cinema, an heirloom diving helmet being broken and photographs smashed.

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A source told the Lennox Herald that a young lieutenant was found asleep under a piano in the morning.

The bar and surrounding area have now been sealed off as MoD police collect fingerpints in a bid to identify those responsible.

After the extent of the damage was discovered, a report was sent to Faslane senior commander Commodore Mark Gayfer.

A source at the base said: “The place was a wreck. It was like a bunch of football hooligans had been scrapping in a bar. It looks like things got out of hand and they just went around smashing anything they could get their hands on for the sake of it.

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“When a member of civilian staff went in the next morning one of the young officers was lying asleep under a piano

in the bar. He was oblivious to the trouble he was in and went up to his quarters to sleep it off.”

A Royal Navy spokesman confirmed that they were investigating an alleged incident of criminal damage.