Drunk soldier stole child’s buggy

Police returned the thieving soldier to his barracks. Picture: Greg Macvean
Police returned the thieving soldier to his barracks. Picture: Greg Macvean
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A “WILD-EYED” squaddie who drunkenly attempted to enter a family’s home before fleeing with their child’s buggy is to face disciplinary action.

Rifleman Chad Ellis repeatedly forced the handle of a Craighouse Gardens flat belonging to Craig Buchan, 37, his wife, Emma, 26, and one-year old daughter, India Rose.

Upon realising that he would not be let in the rifleman then swiped the family’s pushchair from the stairwell leading Mr Buchan to give chase and collar the would-be thief.

The administrative assistant was then forced to sit on his nightime prowler for 40 minutes until police arrived.

The soldier allegedly admitted during questioning by officers that he had been drinking. He was returned to his barracks by police and it is understood that military chiefs are now considering an official reprimand for his behaviour although no charges have been brought against him.

Mr Buchan said: “The guy was completely out of it and kept on trying the handle of our door. I ran back in and put on some shorts and a T-shirt and when I came out he had disappeared with our buggy. I shot down the stairs and caught him just as he was heading out the main door.

“I ended up sitting on him for 40 minutes, he had a real wild-eyed look about him and was so out of it that at times I thought he was unconscious. When the police arrived I overheard him admitting to being drunk.

“My wife is very shaken up by the whole thing and our expensive buggy is now broken too.”

Asked how he felt about no charges being brought against the rifleman, he said: “I think he should lose his job for his actions. The guy was completely off his head. It is worrying to think people like this serve and supposedly defend our country.”

Police Scotland have confirmed that officers were called to a disturbance at the property, and a spokeswoman said: “Officers attending the scene dealt with the matter and no charges have been brought against the man.”

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that a soldier from the 3rd Battalion The Rifles was returned to Redford Barracks by Police Scotland after an incident in the city. No charges have been brought. It will now be up to the Commanding Officer to deal with him as he sees fit. This may include administrative action, such as a reprimand, although there are many options at his disposal.

“Drunkenness is a military offence and all soldiers must adhere to strict values and standards imposed by the army, even if a criminal offence is not committed. Drunken behaviour in a public place by military personnel will not be tolerated.”