Drunk pedestrians helped cause over 100 serious casualties

Food for thought this New Year’s Eve: drunk pedestrians were a causal factor in 330 road traffic collisions in Northern Ireland over the past five years.

Seventeen people were killed as a result of the 330 accidents. Ninety were seriously injured.

In total the 330 car accidents resulted in 361 casualties.

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Slight injuries were suffered by 254 of the RTC victims.

Releasing the information for the period August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2014, the PSNI stated: “There were 330 collisions in which the principal causation factor is ‘Impaired by alcohol-pedestrian.’ These 330 collisions resulted in 361 casualties.”

The PSNI added the proviso that the casualties may not all have related to pedestrians as drivers/riders may also have been injured as a result of drunk pedestrians.