Drunk 'L' driver killed friend

A SHOW-OFF learner driver crashed his parents' powerful jeep, causing the death of his friend.

Liam Allan, 18, was almost double the drink-drive limit when he took the keys to the vehicle last August while his mother and father slept.

Allan picked up 18-year-old Daniel Boyle and three other teenagers after offering to take them a short distance to a house in Riddrie, Glasgow. He then drove at speed, despite his passengers' cries to stop, before smashing the Hyundai Tucson into a lampost.

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Mr Boyle died at scene, while the others were badly injured – including one girl who suffered a cracked spine.

Allan – who had not even sat his theory test – now faces jail after yesterday admitting to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving at the High Court in Glasgow.

The crash happened after Allan, Mr Boyle and Caitlyn Sweeney had been at a party in Riddrie, on 21 August last year.

Michael Stuart, prosecuting, said: "He freely admitted that he had taken the vehicle – which belonged to his parents – without their permission."

The court heard how Allan sped through a junction that his friends wanted dropped off at, ignoring desperate pleas to stop before losing control and smashing into a lamp post.

Mr Boyle was found crushed into the passenger seat and without a pulse. He died from head injuries.

Allan gave a breath test and it was calculated that he had 132mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. The legal limit is 80mg.

The court heard the three other passengers spent a number of weeks in hospital after the smash.

Judge Lady Dorrian deferred sentencing until 14 July.