Drugs found after officers search ‘nervous’ driver’s car

POLICE searched a car because the driver looked “very nervous”, a court heard.

Their suspicions were confirmed when they found a wrap of white powder in Robert Lowrie’s wallet.

The officers asked him if he had anything else in the vehicle, and he reached behind the front passenger seat and handed them “herbal matter”.

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A lab analysis showed that the white powder was the class A drug cocaine and the herbal matter was class B cannabis.

Sarah O’Gallagher, prosecuting, said the one gramme bag of cocaine had a street value of £40 and the 3.4 grammes of cannabis had been valued at around £20.

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Lowrie, 22, of Blackburn, West Lothian, pled guilty to two possession offences at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday.

He admitted being caught with the illegal substances in the Lidl supermarket car park in Bathgate on July 22 2011.

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Sheriff Douglas Kinloch fined him £335.