Drive to boost bowel cancer screening

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A NEW campaign encouraging the over-50s to get tested for bowel cancer has been launched.

Still Game star Ford Kiernan voices the television advert which promotes screening for the third most common cancer in Scotland. It carries the message that nine out of ten people will survive bowel cancer if it is detected early.

The campaign, backed by former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne, urges people aged between 50 and 74 to take advantage of the free screening to spot what can be a “hidden” cancer with few visible early warning signs.

The 40-second television advert features Kiernan speaking to a man sitting on the toilet, encouraging him to get tested.

Carrying the message: “Bowel Cancer. Don’t Take A Chance. Take The Test”, the campaign is part of the Scottish Government’s £30 million “detect cancer early” drive. Osbourne, who survived bowel cancer, has given her support to the latest campaign.

She said: “The sooner bowel cancer is detected, the better the chances of survival. That’s why everyone needs to participate in the screening programme and learn about the symptoms, and go straight to the doctor if you are worried about anything because early detection can save your life.”