Donald Trump’s sons in Ireland to view golf resort

Donald Trump didn't travel to Ireland with his sons. Picture: PA
Donald Trump didn't travel to Ireland with his sons. Picture: PA
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DONALD Trump remained in New York yesterday - he was due to give the main address last night at the New York County Lincoln Day dinner - while his sons Donald Trump Jun and Eric Trump flew into Shannon airport to tour their newly acquired golf resort in the Irish Republic.

Donald Jun revealed that he had first urged his father to buy the resort after seeing the property while touring Ireland two summers ago.

And he said that the purchase of the Doonbeg Golf resort in Country Clare might not be the Trump organisation’s only acquisition in the country.

Donald Jun said of Doonbeg: “It is a very special place. It’s a place we have had a lot of great interest in for quite some time. I saw about two dozen properties and this was last one I saw on a rather extensive voyage around the country.

“I remember going back to New York and just going to my father and saying ‘This is the one that we really would want.’ The facilities, the people course, the location - it was just a real stand out, something that was a truly great asset.”

Donald Jun, who played a key role in the development of the Menie golf resort in Aberdeenshire, continued: “We will put in some finishing touches. But this is a rare exception to our general principle when we come in and either build from the ground up or take something that is either a seven or eight and make it a twelve. This is a gem that we are already buying as a gem.”

He claimed: “I am sure al all of the employees are probably very relieved, given that everything has been in limbo for quite some time. A company as financially secure as us is coming in and just going to continue what they have done in the past. The existing team has done a phenomenal job.

“We are going to tweak that - add our little touches to it - but again a lot will largely remain the same.”

Donald Jun insisted that the Trump Organisation had “always been very interested” in Ireland. And he continued: “But this is going to be a major focus for us.”

Referring to their defeat in the Court of Session, he explained: “ We are going to continue our legal battle and exhaust all of our possible remedies as it relates to that because we don’t think we have been treated fairly there. But the process is what the process is in Scotland.

“Because we are acquiring something that’s existing (in Ireland) I don’t think we will foresee any of those issues that we had to deal with in Scotland in Ireland. We have been welcomed with open arms so we are very excited.”

And he stressed: “This will not be the last deal we look at in Ireland. We have many people who are continuing to show us other potential deals in the market place. Given the welcome that we have been received with thus far we look forward to doing hopefully a lot more in the market.”