Donald Trump fights back over 'Menie: The Movie'

A BITTER war of words has broken out ahead of the Scottish premiere of a film about Donald Trump's controversial golf course project in Aberdeenshire.

You've Been Trumped was made by a two-man team who spent a year following the story and questions the decision to back the proposed "best golf course in the world".

Director Anthony Baxter yesterday said residents fighting the plans claim they have been "bullied" and "victimised" and the development would sabotage a sensitive environment.

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He is also seeking an apology from Grampian Police after being detained following an incident while making the film.

But Trump International accused Mr Baxter of being "a fraud" and said he lacked professionalism and integrity.

The film will be seen for the first time in Scotland next Friday in Aberdeen.

Work on the 750 million golf resort on the Menie Estate started in July last year. Some residents have been involved in a feud with the Trump organisation over the proposals.

Publicity for the documentary says: "You've Been Trumped is an urgent examination of Donald Trump's plans to construct a luxury golf resort on one of the most environmentally sensitive stretches of land in Europe."

Mr Baxter, from Montrose, described the film as an "environmental parable for our celebrity- driven times".

The film-maker, along with producer Richard Phinney, was detained by police following a complaint of breach of the peace.

He said: "I hope (the film] will change attitudes as for the first time the public will be getting the truth about the way the police have been policing the development and the fact that Trump is bullying residents."

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He added: "The people there feel victimised, bullied and feel a landscape that they know and feel very passionate about as an environmentally sensitive and important piece of ground has been bulldozed and sabotaged for the sake of precious little."

A statement issued by Trump International Scotland said: "Anthony Baxter did not have the decency to send us a copy so we have not seen the documentary and, therefore, cannot comment on the content. Baxter has no credibility and from what we have seen the film has been widely regarded as a failure."

On the arrest of Mr Baxter, Grampian Police said officers were called to the Menie Estate regarding a complaint of breach of the peace on 30 July last year. "As the allegations were corroborated by independent witnesses, two men were detained by officers and subsequently, after careful consideration of the facts, given formal adult warnings in connection with the incident."