Dogs Trust Glasgow urgently needs help to rehome older dogs

Older dogs like Dodger still have all the energy of a younger dog. Picture: Dogs Trust Glasgow
Older dogs like Dodger still have all the energy of a younger dog. Picture: Dogs Trust Glasgow
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DOGS Trust Glasgow urges public to consider rehoming an elderly dog.

Dogs Trust Glasgow is urging the public to consider giving an older dog a loving home as the rehoming centre is currently full to the rafters with 22 doggy OAPs.

In fact, staff are reporting a record high number of dogs aged eight and over, with nearly 40 per cent of dogs in their care falling under this category. The eldest of the bunch is twelve-year-old Pele who first arrived at the rehoming centre in 2010 and is desperate to find a retirement home to call his own.

The rehoming centre now hopes to challenge the elderly dog stereotype that can often put potential owners off rehoming an older dog and is encouraging dog lovers to consider the benefits of bringing an elderly four-legged friend into your home.

Sandra Lawton, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow explains: “Here at Dogs Trust Glasgow, we care for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds but lately, we have noticed a huge spike in the average age of our dogs. Our older dogs can sometimes find it harder to be rehomed than their younger counterparts but there are so many benefits to owning an older dog, so we can’t understand why they have been left behind.”

“Older dogs often need less exercise, they are usually already housetrained and already understand what it takes to make a wonderful family pet. Often, we find that our golden oldies still have bags of energy so they can be just as fun as a puppy, but they may need an extra forty winks on a cosy sofa after a busy playtime! There really are countless reasons an older dog can make a wonderful companion, so if you think you can give an elderly dog a happy home, please get in touch.”

If you think you would like to give a rescue dog a happy home, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0300 303 0292.

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