Dog attack leaves boy with ‘shark bite’ wound

Police are investigating the incident
Police are investigating the incident
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A 12-YEAR-old boy was mauled by a dog in his garden, leaving a gaping wound that resembled a “shark bite”, it was revealed yesterday.

Terry Dunnigan, from Dundee, was playing with the Staffordshire bull terrier in his garden on Tuesday evening when the dog bit into his leg.

He was rushed to Ninewells Hospital, where he is now undergoing surgery on his injuries before getting skin-graft treatment.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. A 39-year-old woman has been charged in connection with the incident.

The boy’s sister, Tammy Redford, 23, said he had been “brave” following the attack.

She said: “The dog came along to the house with my wee brother and a woman.

“They were playing away with the dog and then the woman went to take the dog away home. It just went for Terry and grabbed a big chunk out of his leg.

“It looked like a shark bite. The police said it was one of the worst bites they had ever seen.”

Paramedics went to the house in Mid Craigie, after Ms Redford phoned 999, while others in the house acted quickly to compress the wound.

The boy’s father, James Dunnigan, 54, said that his son had asked to have his own staffie the day before he was attacked.