DJ Suzie McGuire’s mother denies lying accusation

Lisa O'Donnell gave evidence about an incident where Mitchell is supposed to have followed Suzie. Picture: Mike Gibbons/Spindrift
Lisa O'Donnell gave evidence about an incident where Mitchell is supposed to have followed Suzie. Picture: Mike Gibbons/Spindrift
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THE mother of former Clyde 1 DJ Suzie McGuire on Friday denied claims she was lying for her daughter in court.

Sheila Johnston, 70, said she saw a bite mark on her daughter’s face on Christmas day 2009.

She told Paisley Sheriff Court “it was a definite bite mark” and rejected the allegation she was “backing up” Miss McGuire.

A friend of the former drive-time presenter, Lisa Marie O’Donnell, said she followed accused Derek Mitchell last October, days after he was granted bail. She said she saw him driving behind Miss McGuire and heard that she was “terrified”.

The women gave evidence at the court where Mitchell faces a string of charges including assaults and breaches of the peace between 2009 and 2013.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Billy Lavelle, Mrs Johnston said her daughter had a visible bite mark.

He put to her: “I have to suggest to you Mrs Johnston that Susan McGuire, your daughter, never had a bite mark on her face.”

The pensioner replied: “You’re suggesting that?”

She added: “And I am telling you, as I said yesterday, it’s as it was, that’s exactly as it was. I can’t say anything other than what I saw.”

Mr Lavelle continued: “Regretfully, I am suggesting to you that you’re simply backing up what you know your daughter said.”

Mrs Johnston replied: “I can assure you I’m not; I am telling you as it was. There’s no other way to say it.”

She told the jury that when she saw her daughter at Christmas, the police were never mentioned.


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Call centre manager Mrs O’Donnell, 32, gave evidence concerning 31 October last year - days after Mitchell had appeared in court charged with assaulting Miss McGuire and been granted bail with special conditions not to approach or contact her.

Mrs O’Donnell helped Miss McGuire move belongings from her house in Eaglesham to a new house in East Kilbride.

Mrs O’Donnell told the jury that she and her mother, Ellen McHaghne, took the former couple’s young children Poppy and Oliver to Mitchell’s office.

She said afterwards, as all three women were driving in their own cars between East Kilbride and Cambuslang - where her and her mother lived - she saw Mitchell driving behind Miss McGuire.

The witness said: “I thought if it was him, he will pull over and stop and let the traffic go by because he shouldn’t be that close to Suzie.”

The call centre manager added: “I think at one point he did slow down and pull over”, but she described it as a “long stretch of road”.

Mrs O’Donnell said she called her mother who was driving in front of her but behind Mitchell at the time, and told her she thought she could see him.

She claimed her mother told her: “Suzie has just called me, she’s hysterically crying, she’s upset he’s right behind her and she’s terrified.”

The witness said she then followed Mitchell.

She said: “I thought, he’s following her, he’s following Suzie, he’s trying to get to her.”

She told the jury: “I was scared Suzie and my mum and anyone at my house would have been at risk.”

The court also heard that between July and October last year, Mrs McHaghne took Miss McGuire and her children in because the ex-presenter “didn’t feel safe”.

Mrs McHaghne told the court the former radio DJ stayed in a house that was attached to her home in Cambuslang for a few months.

Mitchell denies the charges and the trial continues.


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