Disabled couple targeted by teens get police help

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A DISABLED couple left “like prisoners” in their own home after repeated attacks from a teenage gang have spoken of their relief after police stepped up efforts to help them.

Sarah and Andrew McKirdy, who live in Gilmerton, told the News on Wednesday how they were afraid to go out at night after several attacks saw their home pelted with stones, eggs, plastic bottles and snowballs by a gang of up to ten youths, who would also hurl abuse at them.

Mrs McKirdy, 62, who suffers from chronic lung disease, said: “The police have been over to discuss possibilities, including installing CCTV cameras in the street, and there have also been more visible patrols in the area.

“Our neighbours have also been telling us how shocked they were. One lady a couple of doors down said she had heard commotions in the street but didn’t realise it was directed at us.”