Diet Coke launches four new flavours in major makeover

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Diet Coke will be sold in four new flavours as part of a makeover to try and reverse slumping sales.

Coca-Cola Co. said it was adding a slimmer 12-ounce Diet Coke can.

The logo for sugar-free soft drink will be refreshed and the 35-year-old drink will be stocked in four new flavours, including twisted mango and ginger lime.

Feisty cherry and zesty blood orange are the other new flavours. The rebranded Diet Coke will hit store shelves from mid this month.

The Atlanta-based company said the taste of the plain Diet Coke would stay the same.

Diet Coke sales have fallen as more people switch to other low-calorie drinks such as flavoured fizzy water.

The company said Diet Coke’s new look and flavours was aimed to appeal to millennials.

The tall, thinner cans look remarkably different from the old design.

Though Diet Coke remains the third-largest carbonated soft drink in the US, the product experienced a 4.3 per cent drop in sales last year.

Diet Coke -- launched in 1982 -- had long capitalised on consumers shifting away from sugary drinks, but now health-conscious shoppers are increasingly ditching artificial sweeteners as well, leaving Coke and rival PepsiCo Inc. in a difficult spot.

Overall, per-capita soda consumption in America fell to a 31-year low in 2016, the latest year with data available.

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