Decision day looming for windfarm bid

A DECISION is to be made next week on whether a controversial windfarm development can be built near Penicuik.

The development on Auchencorth Moss is due to be discussed at a Midlothian Council planning committee meeting on February 12.

The application was submitted by German energy giant E.ON more than two years ago, and has been fought by Pepa, a group set up to oppose the wind farm.

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Pepa chairman John Thomson said a packed special meeting in December showed the strength of local feeling on the issue.

"The last place windfarms should be built is on peat bogs such as Auchencorth," said Mr Thomson. "These bogs act as huge sponges, soaking up carbon dioxide. Disturb the bog – as E.ON would be doing here – and that carbon dioxide is released.

"It totally defeats the purpose of the exercise."

Council officials have advised the planning committee that reports, addressing all the issues, are now ready.

Planning committee chairman Russell Imrie said: "The sooner we deal with it the better. If we deal with it the objectors and applicant will know exactly where this council stands."