Death ‘made me crazy with grief’

Ibrahim Krubally at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Joey Kelly
Ibrahim Krubally at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Joey Kelly
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A TERRIFIED music producer fled back to his native Gambia after his friend was blasted to death with a double-barrelled shotgun in their flat.

Ibrahim Krubally told a murder trial how he felt out of his mind and crazy with grief during a drive down to England following the shooting of 30-year-old Dodou Leigh.

He then took a flight back to his homeland from Birmingham, but returned this week to give evidence at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Mr Krubally had told the jury that George Thomson, 30, Roche Thomson, 25, and Kevin Addison, 28, were at the flat in Hawkhill Close, next to Hibs’ Easter Road stadium, to buy cannabis from Mr Leigh.

The 33-year-old – who calls himself Soul Fly or E-Boy –said Addison shot Mr Leigh as the deal turned to robbery.

Questioned by defence lawyers during the trial’s second day yesterday, Mr Krubally denied he was “the main man” in a drug operation, and that Mr Leigh was only a low-level dealer who had previously supplied small amounts of cannabis to Roche Thomson. He also denied he had abandoned his friend in order to remove drugs from the flat, waiting 30 minutes before trying to call police.

Mr Krubally said he had been sitting in the kitchen using his mobile phone when he heard the shot. “When I heard the sound of a gunshot I thought it was some sort of explosion in the electrics,” he told the trial.

He saw his friend collapse then the gunman pointed the weapon at him.

“Did he pull the trigger when the gun was pointed at you?” asked advocate depute John Scullion, prosecuting. Mr Krubally told him: “Yes”.

Mr Krubally said that the Thomsons then pulled out knives during the incident on December 4 last year.He denied he had made up a story about being threatened to make himself look better due to guilt about the events.

“I know 110 per cent there were knives,” he said.

He told the court that a friend drove him across Edinburgh before travelling, probably by the A1, to the Wakefield area in England.

Mr Krubally said he ended up in Nottingham and took a taxi to Birmingham, where a sister was living. He then flew from Birmingham back to Gambia. During the drive he said he felt “crazy” and “out of my mind.” Mr Krubally added: “My body was shaking. At the same time I was upset that I lost my friend.”

George Thomson, Roche Thomson and Kevin Addison are accused of murdering Mr Leigh by shooting him. They are accused of assaulting Mr Krubally by threatening him with a shotgun and knives.The Thomsons and Addison are also accused of stealing a bucket of cannabis.

Addison faces another charge of trying to defeat the ends of justice. The three men deny all the charges, but Addison accepts he was holding the shotgun when it went off, fatally wounding Mr Leigh.

The trial continues.