Dawe denies backing tent protesters

City leader Jenny Dawe has insisted that she did not support the Occupy Edinburgh movement.

In response to a question by Tory councillor Mark McInnes asking if she regrets supporting a Green motion backing the Occupy Edinburgh movement, she said that her group did not give its approval to the occupation of St Andrew Square.

She said: “I did not, and the administration did not, support the motion as tabled; we had an amendment.

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“Unfortunately, Occupy Edinburgh and others have chosen to portray that decision as supporting it, but that is not the case.

“We respected their right to protest but did not say we backed their occupation.”

Regarding the recent occupation of the Meadows, she said: “The council has been in discussion every day this week and they have been told that park rules, if nothing else, do not allow camping.

“I understand that papers are now being lodged in court to move forward the eviction process.”