Daughter of airport boss opens eyes

THE daughter of the former boss of Edinburgh Airport left in a coma after being knocked down in Bahrain has finally opened her eyes.

Olivia Dewar, 17, started showing signs of improvement on Christmas Day to the delight of her family who were keeping a vigil by her bedside.

The teenager managed to move her limbs and face while looking around, although she remains too heavily sedated to recognise anyone.

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A friend said: "The change in her was amazing. She looked so much better than the first time I saw her.

"I can only attribute this to the spirit of Christmas. It is still a slow process but I am sure she will make it. If anyone can come through this, it is her."

Olivia was struck by the vehicle in the village of Saar as she crossed a road from the Lamees Gardens residential compound on her way to a local supermarket, it is believed.