Darth Vadar and Stormtroopers give Star Wars fan send off

A STAR Wars fanatic was given an out-of-this-world send-off at his funeral - when the funeral director and his undertakers dressed as Darth Vader and his stormtroopers.

Darth Vadar and Stormtroopers give fan Andrew Strachan the send off he wanted. Picture: SWNS

Andrew Strachan was only 47 when he died in his sleep and friends and family decided on a sci-fi themed funeral to pay tribute to him.

IT worker Andrew was a keen collector of Star Wars memorabilia and loved nothing more than watching the films.

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Family and friends wanted to him a fitting send off and funeral director David Young, from Young’s Independent Funeral Services in Hamilton, dressed as Darth Vadar.

Andrew Strachan was given a Star Wars send off. Picture: SWNS

As well as donning the infamous robes of the dark sith lord, Mr Young wielded a red light saber at the service.

And Mr Young’s two undertakers were kitted out as Star Wars stormtroopers.

Friends and family dressed in t-shirts emblazoned with some of the blockbusters’ most iconic characters.

Meanwhile. the soundtrack from the series was played at Andrew’s service at South Lanarkshire Crematorium in Blantyre.

Andrew Strachan was given a Star Wars send off. Picture: SWNS

Andrew’s partner Sylvia Hoey, 50, said: “Andrew loved Star Wars. He was a really kind-heated man.

“He was more than a Star Wars fan and had so many friends that loved him for so many other reasons.

“Andrew collected memorabilia and we watched the movies regularly. We were even going to go to London for the Star Wars conference.

“The idea for his funeral came about mutually with myself and his friends and family, and a lot of us wore Star Wars T-shirts too.

“It was just his cup of tea. This is a thing Andrew would have loved in life, and I’m sure he would have loved it in death.”

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Star-Wars-like planet with two suns detected by astronomers

Star Wars fanatic Andrew, who worked for Virgin Media in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, and his partner Sylvia Hoey, 50, met six years ago.

Funeral director Mr Young said: “A funeral service should always focus on the person who has passed, whilst considering the wishes of those close to them, who are left to make funeral arrangements.

“In life, our loves and interests are as individual to us as we are as people.

“A funeral director’s job is to listen, understand and ultimately direct a funeral service that reflects that person’s life.

“It is a rare privilege to assist families during such a difficult point, and we feel very honoured to have conducted Mr Strachan’s funeral service in the way he would have wanted.”

Sylvia said she wanted her soulmate to be remembered as a kind-hearted man who would stop at nothing to help any one he could.

She said: “Andrew was a very kind-hearted guy and so fun to be around.

“He’d make anybody laugh. If anyone had any problems he’d be there for them and help them out in any way he could.

“What you saw with Andrew is what you got. He was an honest guy, he was genuine, he was so loving.

“I’ve got disability problems and he couldn’t have looked after me any better than he did. He was there for me all the time.

“I’d get down some days like everyone would but he could always make me smile. He was my soulmate.”

The couple met online and instantly clicked as they shared a love of Star Wars and Formula One.

And she said Andrew had an impressive collection of Star Wars merchandise and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything involved in the series.

She added: “We just clicked from the first date and had so many things in common. He was a great guy, a big cuddly bear.

“He could tell you everything there was to know about Star Wars -- how big the ships were, how many people were on them, everything about every character.

“He’s got pictures, canvasses and busts of different characters and was enjoying building the Millennium Falcon.

“We’d often do a marathon starting from episode one and going right the way through to the end.

“The funeral directors were impressed by his collection and were delighted to go along with a Star Wars theme. It was really nice of them.

“They led the hearse down and when they took his body in they marched him down.

“At the crematorium they stood in a ring and bowed to him. It was really nice, little effects like that.

“It was his exact cup of time. I’m pretty sure he was there looking down and laughing and enjoying every minute of it.”

Bounty hunter Boba Fett was Andrew’s favourite character.