Danny takes a bough as bike stunt video wows web - watch Danny in action

CYCLING up trees and riding along spiky fences is not everyone's idea of a relaxing bike ride.

It's all in a day's cycle for Danny MacAskill who is amazing millions around the world with his creative stunts and jumps.

His mini-film, Inspired Bicycles, which was filmed around the Capital's hotspots, has attracted over 100,000 YouTube hits since being uploaded at the weekend.

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The 23-year-old street trials biker is boggling minds with his seemingly impossible tricks, including jumping across roofs, dropping off bridges and riding along railings.

He spins 360 degrees outside the Commonwealth Pool, "tailwhips", where you swing the bike under your body, in front of the Scottish Parliament, and does a "flare" – a type of backflip – off a tree on the Meadows.

The biking boy wonder, who was born on the Isle of Skye and now lives on Leith Walk, has been practising his unique blend of BMX and street trials stunts for over 12 years.

He said: "I used to ride my bike on Skye as a kid, jumping off grass banks and mucking about in the streets. I have still got the same attitude – I just like to muck around and zoom about the place."

His 2006 debut film, Mountain Bike Trickster, was shot in Aviemore and has attracted over three and a half million viewers on YouTube. Now his new video looks set to follow its success.

Danny left his job as a bicycle mechanic at Edinburgh-based MacDonald Cycles last month so he could ride full time with his five-man stunt crew The Clan.

The group have been holding shows for a year now, showcasing their sport at local schools, including Boroughmuir High School and Edinburgh Academy Junior School.

The Clan's team manager and fellow mountain bike enthusiast, Iain Withers said: "We're extremely happy about Danny's success. Danny is world class. He is probably the most talented biker of his kind in Britain and what is more refreshing is that there is no ego involved.

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"It's awesome to see that kind of talent come out of Scotland. You don't have to like bikes or cycling to appreciate the video – it just has that wow factor."

Danny enlisted his flatmate Dave Sowerby to shoot the latest five-and-a-half minute video.

Team mate Iain said: "We make sure people know it takes hard work to get as good as Danny. It isn't going to happen over night. It takes ten to 15 years of dedicated practice," he said.

"We like to stress that people should be safe, but also encourage bikers not to shy away from the risk factor."

Even Danny has had his fair share of war wounds. Since he started riding trials bikes aged 11, he has broken his wrist and dislocated his index finger.

"Ride and have fun," he said, "but wear a helmet and know your limits".

The Clan will appear at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William this June.


SUCH extreme cycling should not be undertaken lightly, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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Anyone considering following in Danny MacAskill's bike tracks should think about the following:

• Consider whether you have permission to ride on the grounds you are biking on. Do not trespass

• Look for local clubs that may offer you the opportunity to train safely in a controlled area.

• Personal protective gear is a must. Never cycle without a helmet.

• Buy a specialised bike. A regular bike is not appropriate.

• Practice is fundamental. Start from low heights with simple tricks. Don't run before you can walk.